Optional Toronto City/Niagara Tour

A FULL Day’s Tour of Toronto and Niagara Falls

Saturday, June 21, 2014

CN Tower

CN Tower

If you came to Toronto to see all that you can see, this is the tour for you.  If you came to lounge around one day then – sleep on- because this tour starts EARLY and returns late.  We will leave the hotel at 7:30AM and return about 5:00 or 5:30pm.  YES, it’s a long day but you will leave feeling that you have seen more than just the hotel and a few blocks each way. We will visit one of the world wonders- Niagara Falls.  So let’s get started.

Toronto is the 4th largest city in all of North America.  (Mexico City, NY, LA, Toronto then Chicago).  Since we are squeezing in Niagara Falls today also, we will just see the highlights of the city.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

On to Niagara Falls (about 1 hr. 45min):  We will be starving by the time we get there, so in the interest of time, a nice buffet lunch is INCLUDED in the tour price (no exceptions).  The restaurant provides a panoramic view of the Falls.  After lunch, on to the Falls.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma


Because this is a City AND Niagara Falls tour,

we will not have time to do some of the things that one would do if you were only visiting Niagara Falls (view the tunnels , Take a Helicopter Tour, Go up the Skylon, which takes ~ 45min ( but 3 Falls can be viewed from the restaurant), stop at Niagara-On-The-Lakes, etc., etc.).  So if you want to do these things, please check for another company that will just tour the Falls.

However, Niagara Falls will christen a NEW boat, the Hornblower (replaces the old Maid of the Mist)  that will make its maiden voyage in May.

Horn blower

Hornblower Cruise Boat

It is an ultra-modern, 700 pax boat that will take us up front, close and personal with the thundering water, its awesome power and amazing mist of the mighty Horseshoe Falls.  But what’s great about the Hornblower is that it has an air-conditioned, enclosed DRY AREA where we can get a 360 degree view for those that don’t want to get wet.  Or, if you don’t believe that you will get wet on the upper deck, the choice will be yours. (Free Ponchos are provided).  I plan to witness the Falls UP CLOSE.. but DRY.

The cost of the Voyage of the Falls Hornblower Cruise is $24.85 ADDITIONAL (this includes the 13% CA tax).  However, we must have at least 40 people that would like to take the Hornblower Cruises.  If not, we will not do this. Once the bus is full (based on your payment, not your promise), we cannot take anymore.  So please Google the HornBlower, Niagara Falls (yes, there is a Hornblower in San Francisco).  In order to make the reservation, I must SEND the money.  So I need your IMMEDIATE reply if you are interested in the Hornblower cruise and then your payment by May 20th.  Please reply ASAP if you are interested in: 1) City and Niagara Falls Tour/Lunch, AND  2) The Hornblower Cruise.  Please give a serious answer because I will expect you to pay based on your response.  If you do not respond, I cannot guarantee your seat on the bus or the Hornblower.

The cost of the full day tour is $73 pp.  If going on the Hornblower cruise, add $24.85. Call or text me for any questions or children rates (5-12).

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Gwen’s Elite Travel, 2612 Granada Circle West, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

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Full Payment is due by:  May 20, 2014

If paying via PayPal: Tour/Lunch Only is $76 pp; Hornblower Cruise is $26 pp

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P.S.  This is a GREAT price.  Look on line for Toronto & Niagara Tours and you will find that they cost more and you are with ‘your’ group.  I have stated UP FRONT what the tour includes and I want everybody to be satisfied with their choice so there is no complaining about ‘we didn’t have time to do this, or we didn’t have time to do that.  There are only so many hours in a day, right.