Isla Roatan Shore Excursion Tour

Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan
June 27, 2012

A Cultural Experience

Join us as we immerse ourselves in the cultural experience of the Honduran people. This is not just an excursion, this is a cultural experience. We will be met at the port by a native Honduran and taken on a tour that introduces us to people that ‘look like us.

IslandWe will drive through Coxen Hole, the Capital of their island, which got its name from the pirate John Coxen who lived in Roatan from 1687 to 1697. We will see colorful homes built on stilts and the first school founded on Roatan Island. Also, we will see their churches, and local market vendors.

As we continue to French Harbor, home of many shrimping, lobster and fishing boats, we will see local fishing villages and shipwrecks along the way. We will encounter beautiful hilltop views, a lush tropical jungle, colorful ocean views of distant islands and coral reefs. Further, we will visit local villages, see how the people live and witness their unique culture.

We will continue on to Punta Gorda’s Garifuna Oceanfront Village which is home to the country’s African descents’ community, who made their way to Roatan Island in 1977 by way of St. Vincent. From that day until now, they still maintain their traditions and language.

A special treat has been included just for our group where we will be entertained by a culturally enriching live presentation that will feature adults and children from the village. They will perform their dances and play their music for us. As they perform their dances, they will explain to us the route and journey that brought them to the Island of Roatan.

This is just a snapshot of how we will spend this beautiful day. The tour includes much more, as we stop for burgers, conch, conch fritters, fresh fish, shrimp, fried plantains and much more of their native dishes. The restaurant is on the ocean where you can bring your bathing suit and take a dip in the beautiful, clear water (Clean showers are available to rinse off and change clothes or perhaps you just want a photo-op. Do not worry, we will certainly leave time for shopping, shopping, and more shopping.

Cost- $38 per person if paying by check, Payable to Gwen’s Elite Travel, 2612 Granada Cir W, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Cost- $40 per person if paying by PayPal