St. Augustine Black Heritage Tour


As we go back in time to understand and appreciate the sacrifices and accomplishments of blacks from the early days through the civil rights

Friday, June 17, 2016

Itinerary Outline  (Subject to Slight Changes)

  • Depart from the Omni Hotel – 8:00 AM
  • Return to Hotel – 3:00PM

The cost of the full day tour is $83 pp (includes Includes RT bus transportation ,  gratuities, entrance to Fort Mose’, Red Trolley Train Ride and tour, movie and lunch at the Corazon Theater. )

If paying via PayPal: Tour is $85.50 pp.

We will leave the hotel at 8:00 AM and return about 3:00 PM.  (Times subject to slight change.)

St. Augustine, FL is the oldest city in the United States. It is known for its gorgeous, sandy beaches, breathtaking architecture and its significant role in the shaping of our nation’s civil rights journey. This St. Augustine Black Heritage tour is dedicated to bringing us a world-class heritage tourism experience.  Few realize St. Augustine’s connection and importance to the country’s African American Journey and the Civil Rights’ Movement. We will learn of its rich heritage and share how St. Augustine has played a major role in black history from the very first free black settlement in all of North America (Fort Mose’) to our visits from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other key movement leaders.

Bernadette Reeves

Bernadette Reeves

Our Tour Guide, Ms. Bernadette Reeves, specializes in St. Augustine’s Black Heritage and will escort us throughout our visit, ensuring that we gain a much deeper insight of the city’s history and the legacies left by its famous residents and pioneers. We will learn about the profound impact St. Augustine’s Civil Rights heroes have had on the city, as well as the nation.


Red Trolley

Our privately chartered tour starts at the Omni Hotel and takes us to the Visitors’ Information Center, where we will board an open air train and begin our journey to Lincolnville, which is the oldest black community in the United States. We will learn what happened there during the Civil Rights Movement involving the students from Florida Normal Industrial Institute. While in-route, we will learn about St. Augustine’s first Black General- two centuries before General Colin Powell. As we enter Lincolnville, we will see the Civil Rights Museum and Excelsior High School (which was the first “black” high school in St. Augustine) where the names and stories of famous people who studied and taught there will be shared at St. Paul’s AME Church.

st. paul ame church

St. Paul AME Church

After leaving Lincolnville, we will head down to the Plaza (also known as the Slave Market) where we will hear the story of the great Rev. Andrew Young and Mrs. Mary Peabody (the mother of the Governor of Massachusetts) and the role she played in the Civil Rights Movement. Follow in the footsteps of the Foot Soldiers and see their Statue where we will see the statue of the first black doctor in Jacksonville, (the second in all of Florida) and learn his story.  We will then, head to the oldest house area where the train will stop as we hear the story of the old Monson Hotel and Restaurant of the 1960’s, as well as the story of the famous and tragic swimming pool incident that happened there. This will help us understand why St. Augustine was one of the leading battlefields of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. We will continue on our journey down Gault Street to see the tragic fire-bombed home of the Roberson family.


Corazon Theater

After the Black Heritage Train Ride, we will head to the Corazon Cinema and Cafe. The Corazon is an historic theater in downtown St. Augustine that has been updated and provides lunch daily. The name “Corazon” means ‘heart’ in Spanish because it is located in the heart of St. Augustine’s Historic District. We will relax (with popcorn and a drink), sit back and watch a movie in this comfortable movie theater.  This is a quaint movie theater and cafe, with great decor, a friendly staff and good food where we will enjoy a light lunch ‘while’ we watch the black history movie.


What to wear: Comfortable clothes and shoes (sneakers or shoes that you have ‘broken-in’ -no time to be cute), sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, purse with a long strap that you can put over your shoulder to not lose, and it’s safe- or a fanny pack)


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The cost of the full day tour is $83 pp .  map

If paying via PayPal: Tour is $85.50 pp.

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